I was out with friends, knitting with using double pointed needles. I think I was working on a sock or something. I had my knitting materials laid all over the place. (I try to keep them contained, but they seem to leap out of my reach every time I look away.)

Emily, who is sitting next to me, has been watching me knit for a while. I secretly watch her out of the corner of my eye as well, just so she knows that I can see her…

So, she’s watching me. People are talking to each other. Conversation all around, enjoyable evening. All of a sudden, Emily picks up one of my double pointed needles and begins cleaning her nails with it!! O. M. G. “Emily!” I screeched. “What are you doing! That is not a tooth pick!”

What does Emily do…O, nothing. She just smiles, looks at her lap and giggles. “Well, they are the perfect size.” Then she sighs and hands the needle back to me.

Who does that?! I am going to have to disinfect this knitting needle with like lysol, bleach and boil it, then let it soak in some hydrogen peroxide for a day. Or two. I don’t know what is under those nails. Emily seems very clean, but you never know. She could have been out digging for grubs in the sewer. Could have! Knitting needles don’t grow on trees, either. Actually, they technically do, because this one is made out of bamboo, so it did come from a tree, but someone had to make it into a double pointed knitting needle. It didn’t just come out of the tree like that. I guess, what I am trying to say is that these things cost money and I can’t just throw it away. Then I will only have three size 2 knitting needles and I can’t do anything with 3. If I bought more, then I would have 7 or 8 of them and that is way too many to keep track of. ‘sigh’

By the time I finish disinfecting this needle, I hope is hasn’t dissolved into bamboo goo. Is there any such thing as bamboo goo?