It is really cold in my office, so we have decided to make a fire in the trashcan. While our trashcans aren’t metal (plastic) and probably won’t hold the fires for long, we think this is a wonderful idea. (We being me and my friend Lauren.) We are going to roast marshmallows (the little ones out of the Swiss Miss packages–that is all we have) and warm our hands. Shortly after this, though, the fire will probably burn through the trashcan and quickly take over our cubical area. It will rampantly spread to the rest of the office and completely burn the building down. And then we won’t have jobs. Or a company. And people will probably die.

If they (you know, the man) would just turn the A/C down or the heat on, none of this will have to happen. ‘sigh’

On the bright side, if the building does burn down, we won’t have to go to work tomorrow. ‘smiles!’


P.S. This is what happened the last time I got cold.

Just sayin’