I got this email the other day and just had to post it.  It’s awesome. It has all of the wonderful aspects of a good scam: disability, having to pay a lot of money to work for this person, sympathy…basically, genius.  Well, genius if I happened to be an idiot.

How are you today? I just want to introduce you to a job if you don’t mind, I am Eddie, a Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS), I am a disable man  I use to encounter a lot of stress when going about my daily payroll activities because I work as a chartered payroll specialist for many companies, and I have to work hard to make my money because nobody want to help me or employ a disable man in a wheel chair like me so that is why I set up my own payroll business and I want to employ anybody as my data entry typist from home, you could be a receptionist, data entry typist, a clerk, a stay at home mom, a student or anybody who has a computer experience with a computer connected with Internet at home who want to work on a part time basis and earn extra income, I required a person who will be honest, trustworthy and able to work from home, and who will also handle the printing of letters, notes and checks with the data information of people
on payroll list of each company I work for and I will handle the UPS, Fedex or DHL account label which will be made for you to dispatch the letters, notes and checks to various destinations, I will like to know if you will be trustworthy enough to entrust mine and my clients company’s vital information and signatory with you, please I want you to be sure that I will be paying you $800 monthly salary = $200 weekly for a start, if you performed very well, It will be increased and you can make it a full time job if you want and if you can. get back to me today to know your interest and if you don’t have the materials, I will provide you the materials or the money to the materials that will be needed to do this job.
following materials to start the job are :
*A computer system at home with internet connection.
*A typewriter
*You will buy VersaCheck Gold 2010 software. It will come with 150 blank checks so you might not be buying
blank check anymore, but a full paakage will be better.
*VersaInk nano 34MX Black SuperYield Ink Cartridge
*VersaJette M300.v8 Color Inkjet Printer Printer
*You will buy Standard Voucher Check Envelope For use with business or voucher size checks. 3-9/16 H x 8-3/4
W, 250 quantity.
*You will buy Business-size checks 250
You can email me back as soon as possible and I will let you know when to start working from the comfort of your home at the most convenient time for you (you will only be working 2 to 4 hours per each day you choose to work in a week) and you will be earning $800 or  more every month. You can start today if you are ready with all the items needed for the job, Please do have a nice day while I wait for your response on the job offered.
Note: You will only need about $300 or $400 to buy the items needed depending on the store you are buying it and the arear you are located . I can send you the money needed to buy the items or ship the materials to you , let me know which ones you have out of this materials and which ones you don’t have , so i can know which materials you will be needing.Emal me ASAP .I am on computer most  times,
I will be expecting your response………………….
N.B……Reply back to this
Best Wishes
Eddie Dennis


Dear Eddie,

I have no idea how you got my email address.  Wow, that sucks that you are in a wheel chair and can’t get employed.  Isn’t that against the law or something?  I am pretty sure that you could sue all of these businesses that won’t give you work because you are disabled (which has a “d”) and make a lot of money.  But, maybe in your country, there are no laws like this…because you didn’t specify from where you are working and you don’t seem to use “s.”

Question, if I am desperate enough for work to respond to this email, do you really think that I would have the $300 or $400 dollars that you require to be a part of this scam…excuse me, I mean job opportunity.  Also, your spelling needs a lot of work.


Shockingly, I got no response.  BUT!! I did get about 10 more emails just like this, minus the wheelchair, insert some other reason to feel sorry for this person. If I do get a response. I will let you know.


PS–Why is it that most obvious job scams are all for (insert city name here)’s Premiere whatever kind of company.  I would think that the really great, non-scam companies would start to get upset about all of these nasty liars making premiere a bad word.