unitcircleI have to do some math today, which started me thinking about the Unit Circle.  Because I don’t understand the unit circle.  At all.  Like, the first time I saw it in 12th grade, I was all like, Is this a joke?  What is this thing? How the hell does 2π/4 equal 271 degrees? (Yes, mathematicians, I know that this probably isn’t correct, I know)

Algebra, awesome.  I love algebra. It’s great!  Like a puzzle.  There is always one answer for x and if you get it wrong, you can check it and figure it out.  Not so with the Unit Circle.  That thing is insane.  And, it is just the gatekeeper for Calculus.  Like, if you understand the Unit Circle, then you can proceed into more intense math. If not, you just struggle through pre-Calculus and thank God that this is all the math that you are required to take for you English degree and gratefully accept the C that you worked your ass off for.  I might be speaking from personal experience here.

I stayed up last night wondering if the math I have to do today will involve the Unit Circle.  I couldn’t sleep.