I never exercise.  Like ever.  I have a lot of aspirations to be really, really fit one day, like a body builder, but not gross.  But that would mean that I would have to strain myself and workout and I don’t know how to work out and I am lazy.  So, my aspiration is kind of a problem.

For about a week, I have been threatening to go on a run.  Problem is, I never run.  I got the idea because I had to run about 100 feet to meet the Zifty person who was dropping off food.   And, even though it was only 100 feet, I thought, I can do this. But, in the days to come, I realized that maybe I couldn’t run.  I had plans to run, but the thought of actually running and looking stupid allowed my laziness to talk me out of it.  Because it’s the laziness’s fault, not mine.  Of course.

However!!! This morning, I decided a brisk walk with the option to run may be better. So, I did it!  And, I saw a swan.  And it was lovely. But, the swan was hanging out with all of these ducks and the ducks were like a fourth of the size of the swan and it looked weird.  Like Godzilla was trying to fit in with normal people and he was all like, “I’m just like you,” and the regular sized people are like, “You’re Godzilla, you’re huge.”  So, while it was funny and beautiful, it was also sad. But not too sad because the swan could’ve put those mouthy ducks in their place by just stepping on one’s head or something.

The moral here is that I exercised and I didn’t die.  Or pass out. Or get mugged (yet, knock on wood).  Now I can feel good about myself for exercising for the next month or so.