Last night was trying.  First of all, I couldn’t sleep because I accidentally took a four hour nap in the middle of the day we didn’t have any toilet paper.  So I reached out to Twitter for help and no one came through.  Thanks a lot, guys.  Geez.

Twitter posts…

  • We have no toilet paper. Roomie was supposed to get it, so she didn’t come home
  • Dear Roomie, you’re evil for knowingly leaving the house with no tp
  • Need. Toilet paper. Now
  • @MsSerendipitist tmi (from a friend)
  • (My reply) @kajatl my cat threw up. No paper towels either. (My cat did throw up, but it was like 4 hours before this and I cleaned it up with a piece of white paper and some Taco Bell napkins I found)
  • I’m going to the store. I’m trying to learn about the Yeti, for God’s sake! If I don’t return in 30, I got mugged (No one cared.  It was sad.  And I emailed the guy from Destination Truth because he was running around the woods in Siberia looking for Yeti and that’s really insane)
  • I didn’t get mugged. I’m back (Still, no one cared)
  • I’m hiding all of the toilet paper I just bought under my bed. (Just kidding. I would totally do this because I’m spiteful never do this because it’s mean.  And, I’m an adult.)

In other news, there is a new thing on Twitter.  Lists.  I have absolutely NO idea how this works, but I just visited my Twitter page and apparently, I am on several lists.  This is exciting.  I’m on a lists called:

  • iris (?? This means nothing to to me)
  • shawties (The really disturbing thing is that I don’t know this person and I don’t think I follow him.  I am also on his iris list…hmmm…)
  • hilarity
  • s0-freaking-funny
  • cool-peeps
  • entertaining folks and several to do with Atlanta, but I live in Atlanta, so those aren’t as interesting to me.

So yes, I just spent about 20 minutes writing about myself.  Since I have dedicated 20 whole minutes to myself already, I will add a little extra.  I get really, really excited when I get retweeted or Follow Friday’ed on Twitter.  And I tell Justin and I’m all like, “I just got Follow Friday’d by like 3 people in a row.  Goodness, I’m so awesome!”  Justin isn’t amused and usually mumbles something about trying to be more humble.  Then I roll my eyes and just sit in my awesomeness.  And then I usually get a bill in the mail.  Suddenly, I’m not so awesome.  Because awesome people have accountants to pay their bills or something.  I think.  That is what happened on Seinfeld.


P.S. I absolutely love my roommate, she just does weird stuff sometimes.  Like, when she knows that there is no toilet paper and it’s her time to buy it and then doesn’t come home.  Like that.  But, I wouldn’t trade her for the world, she is one of the most wonderful and positive people I have ever met.  That being said…