caspianhatHaving trouble sleeping lately.  Maybe this is why.  Yes, that cat is molded to my face.  I had the lights turned out, but I turned them back on to document this craziness.     I pawsonmouthhave tried to move him off of my face, and he gets all pissy and jumps on my bedside table and tried to break stuff.  I know he’s trying to break stuff because he cries first and then, “boom,” something flies across the room.  Yes, he is very sweet, but he is like a hat I never wanted (as a hat, not as a cat).  Right this very moment, he is standing over the keyboard staring in my face.  Note to Caspian, your whole body doesn’t need to be touching me at all times.

He likes to try to keep me from doing everything.  Knitting, painting, reading…whatever.  He just had his ass in my face.  Like right now.  And, it was gross.  And, naphe farts on me sometimes.  And it smells.  They are all SBD’s.  Ew. Double, triple, ew.

So, yeah, I have one cat who is addicted and one who is bossy and demanding.  And by bossy, I mean that he screams at me when he doesn’t get his way.  It’s loud.