If this happened to me, I would be seriously creeped out.

A lot of people are all smiley about it.  Like, “Isn’t that cute? There is a song coming out of that money and it is been looking at me, it’s trying to help me.”  It’s not cute.  It’s really freaking scary!  Who paid that money to follow you geicoaround all the time?  It must be getting something really good about of the deal.  I know you are all like, it’s money, it doesn’t need pay, but if it used itself as money then it wouldn’t have a body.  Think.

And, how did it get that mini MP3 player inside of itself?  Even though it doesn’t have a mouth, it’s still communicating…through music, just like Mozart. So, it’s kind of like an artist, but it’s watching you.  And following you around.  People are all smiley at it.  That is when it makes its kill move.  Right after they turn the camera off, the money kills those people.  That is the only reason it would waste all of that time with the music and the following.  So, next time you see googley eyed money and hear that song, run.  Because you know what’s next.  Consider yourself warned.  This is because I care.