Today, thus far, I have only smoked one cigarette.  Yay me.  And, I smoked only a few during the work day yesterday.

But, when I got home I totally fell off the wagon and smoked an entire pack in like 4 hours.  Boo me.

I believe that starting smoking is my greatest regret.  I have done a lot of stupid things, but this is the most lasting.  I remember being 16 and working as a hostess at Chili’s and some 25 year old dude came over to me and was like, “You look stupid” and I was all like, “I’m so cool, I’m smoking.”  And he’s all like, “When I was your age and I was smoking, someone told me to quit and that they regretted starting smoking and I didn’t believe him because I thought I was cool, like you do, but now I remember that all the time…you think about that.”  And, of course, I rolled my eyes and was all like, “Whatever man, I’m 16, I know everything, duh.”  Guess what?!! I think about that guy all the time and wish I had listened to him!!  Ironic, huh?  It is, don’t worry.

The moral of this story is that hopefully I will be able to quit smoking.  Because it’s hard (the quitting, not the smoking).  And, it makes your skin wrinkly and old looking.  And, most importantly, it can give you cancer and/or emphysema.  Both of those suck and I heard that with emphysema you just aren’t able to breathe anymore and you just die.  That sounds really bad.  Like, really bad.  Not to mention that smoking is really expensive and just because Obama decides that he wants to quit and is punishing everyone even though he can totally afford it who knows how high the taxes will go.  No one.  Except Obama and friends.

I feel a little sick from lack of nicotine.  Don’t mind me over here.

P.S. Feel free to leave me really encouraging comments.  I needs those.