I was surfing the internet this morning, perfectly happy with life…then I came across the Blythe website.  I think I need this.  Like need it.  Blythe has way cooler shoes and clothing and hair than I do!  And I’m real!

The Blythe dolls are seriously creepy, but in like a cool, cute way.  Does that even make sense?  And her eyes change whoreshoescolors and one of the colors is pink, like death.  You can also buy different eye colors for Blythe which just adds to the creepiness.  A lot.

Guess what?  You can get completely ridiculous shoes for your Blythe doll that are so tacky a whore would be embarrassed to wear them.  But, I totally want them.  Guess what again?  They are $22!!  I could buy a pair of real shoes (like, for me) with that much money.  If I got a Blythe doll, I would get really obsessed with making sure that my doll had an awesome wardrobe, but it wouldn’t matter because I don’t play with dolls and Blythe isn’t real and can’t brag to the other dolls about her cool, expensive dolls clothes.  And then I won’t have any money and I will have do try to sell the doll clothes I bought, but everyone I tried to sell to would laugh at me because I spent so much on doll clothes and can’t pay my rent and I would be homeless and die. ‘sigh’  So, I don’t need a Blythe doll.  But, I want one.  No one buy me one though, seriously.  No matter how much I say I want one…I could become homeless dressbecause of this doll.  That is serious.

Look at this dress!!!  For a fucking doll!!  I need this dress!!  Question, why do those shoes cost half as much as the dress?  By the way, I also want the hair on this doll.  You can buy wigs for Blythe too.  Ridiculous…