I was listening to some music on Groove Shark this morning, then this ad came up.UntitledI don’t even know what this is.  The directions on it make it sound like a game of some sort, but the half naked, dancing (?) women make it look like a chat line.  I have stared at it for a while and tried to figure it out.  I have no clue.  And if you do “want to play,” I don’t have the link.  Go to Groove Shark and pray it comes back up.

Also, here are some pictures of my desk to make you 41980193jealous.  Yes, those are dogs resting there.  And it is wonderful.  They were sitting up there against their will sleeping and it was SO cute.  Yes, Yorkies sleep standingUntitled1 up and with their eyes open…weird breed.  Here is another picture of me and Mattie.  We are in Heaven.  Dogs and the workplace is like the most genius thing that has ever happened to me the world.

And here’s a picture of another dog.  This dog just runs around and does whatever it wants.  It’s kind of interesting.  Right there he is lounging, but then he got up and ran photoup and down the stairs.  Weirdo.

Also, I made this with Foto Flexer this week.  You can tell I have been really productive, what with all of the dog pics and Foto Flexing and stuff.FotoFlexer_Animation I always wish I had bigger eyes, a smaller nose and slightly bigger lips.  I might have over done it.  What do you think?