Ginny-helpingYesterday, after getting little sleep Friday night (Justin broke his collar bone.  Was going to write about trip to the emergency room, but thought that might be a little bitchy) I locked my keys in my car with it running.  With it running!! Something so dumb, it’s hard to fathom that I even did it.

I have AAA, but instead of calling them right away (the car was running, did I mention that?), my friend and I tried to break into the car.  For, like, an hour.

Ginny ran over to the dry cleaners down the street to get a coat hanger to try to unlock the car.  We used a size 35 knitting needle that I happened to have in my purse to pry the door open (no screw drivers in sight) and push the coat hanger into the car.  I bent the knitting needle beyond recognition, ripped up all of the weather stripping on the window and managed to scratch most of the paint off of that part of thehaha door.  Awesome.  Car. Running.  ‘sigh’

This guy (pictured at right) helped scratch most of the paint off.  While it was nice that he stopped to help, he had one of the most insane outfits on that I have ever seen.  I have marked it all out for you in the photo, complete with mustache that you can’t see from the angle of the photo.  BTW, Miss Ginny took most of these photos while giving me sideways eyes and laughing.  Way to treat a Good Samaritan, Ginny.

He disappeared to go scavenging for supplies (what?!!) for a little while and came back with a stick and a leaf.  I am only sharing this with you because it’s weird and I didn’t know what kidnapperto do.  So, I thanked him profusely for his help and told him I had called AAA and didn’t want to damage my car any further.  He left.  And he didn’t try to get any contact info from either of us.  Much appreciated.

THEN, while waiting for AAA, a guy with a kidnapper van (large, white, no windows in the back) showed up.  But, he had a British accent, so I didn’t realize his kidnappishness immediately.  I AAAstarted to walk over to his van while he was rummaging for his tools, but then I heard Oprah’s voice in my head.  And the narrator from Rescue 911 (the show) and didn’t walk over there.  He left after all he could produce was a screwdriver.  (Dude, you think we haven’t tried a screw driver? C’mon)

This lovely lady saved the day.  Guess what she did?  Give up?  She poked this thing in the window and then rolled the window down.  Because the car was running.  I felt like an idiot.  We hadn’t even considered that.  And, FYI, if you locked the keys in the car with it running, AAA will get there really fast.  It won’t seem fast if you have been trying to break into your car for an hour, though.