soupOn Blogher,  there is a contest to win soup.  Or, like $1,000 worth of soup.  And, I amuse my self.

Contest Rules below:

Building healthy habits now can help keep your kids healthy for life. Tell us how you help your kids for chance to win $1,000.

As a parent, we all strive to help our kids grow up healthy, happy, and confident. Share with us ways you are helping your children grow up living a healthy life.  Post your comment in the section below and you will automatically be entered to win!

I have no children, but would still like $1,000.  So, I posted this.

Healthy Eating

Well, I don’t have any kids.  But I do have cats.  And, to keep them healthy, I don’t let them eat Campbell’s.  Or vegetables.  Or any people food.  I think they would get the runs.  Cat food all the way.  They have really shiny coats.  That means that they are healthy.