At my new job there are dogs everywhere.  All the time.  And it is wonderful.  So, I decided to bring my dog.  Who has a whole going to the bathroom in appropriate places issue.  I thought if I watched him constantly, and made sure to take him out for a while before we went to the office, he would be fine.  I even left him in the back yard in the drizzle for like 30 minutes this morning just to make sure that he got everything out of his system.

We started off strong.  Everything was going well, people wanted to pet him, he was being really cute!  Wagging tail, running up to people…the cute doggie.

Then….as soon as I turned my back…he pooed.  He pooed on the floor in front of all the executives in less than an hour and in front of Abby and Finn, the dog Prince and Princess of the office.  This is after I sat donuts on the wrong table and Abby ate 7 and spent Friday in the vet puking.

So, I made him sleep on my desk.  And he has been sitting here off and on for the remainder of the day.  He keeps staring at me with tired eyes, but he won’t go to sleep.  People keep wanting to pet him.  I have quarantined him under my coat and am hanging out with his doggie stuffed animal.   I threatened to take him home for a little while, but we  both knew I am too lazy.