Fashion Over Atlanta last weekend was super fun!  Did I mention that there was shopping and discounts and free booze and food at this event?  There was.  And, it was pretty awesome.  Every shop we went into greeted us with “We have cocktails!” “Can I get you a glass of wine?”  Way to party, Atlanta. 

My friends Alix and Mary came with me to shop the sights.  We had a hard time getting on our way because there was a guy from Clear Internet (whatever they are called, better than Comcast will suffice) at their house who thought I was funny, so I kept telling him funny stories.  How could I walk away from someone who laughed at everything I said?  Eventually, Alix was able to kick him out.  She did this knowing that she would have to suffer through my stories for the rest of the night.  You are such a martyr, Alix…way to keep me on task.

The three of us headed to Decatur for some boutique awesomeness.  First stop, Boogaloos.  I found the most awesometastic dress there and think that I need to get a credit card just so that I can buy this dress.  I, like, need it.  The ladies that worked at the store were very supportive of this idea….they must work on commission were just so friendly.  On the way out I forced asked Mary and Alix nicely if they would pose for a photo.  Complied with smiles.

Next up was Kaleidoscope.  It was fun!  And they had mini salmon on chips…Yum!  I heard from the AsianCajuns, the owner of Kaleidoscope was there and is 9 months pregnant.  Like, she is due tomorrow.  Wow–dedication and a little bit of insanity.  I love it.  We bought stuff.  And it rocked.  And, I don’t have any pics of the stuff that we bought because this is not a fashion blog and I’m lazy.  I thought about taking pictures….then didn’t.  I did take pics in the store.  And, while in the store, I pretty much refused to try on anything in the dressing room.  If it couldn’t fit over my clothes, then I wouldn’t try it on.  I blame the Ativan.

After shopping, we went and played in another store and I can’t remember its name.  But, I did buy a little metallic, neon green Christmas Tree for my desk at work.  We aren’t allowed to have religious decorations, so I plan to decorate the tree with driedels and Kwanza stars (do they have stars?)  Whatever. It will be mulicultural.  Or, maybe just shiny.  Tree must be on desk though. Can’t have Christmas without the tree.  They have more trees there, if you want one.  Also featuring, pink, gold and white.