This weekend I went to an open house at a particular portfolio school in the Atlanta area.  In my opinion, open house means that there will be the same thing going on all day, so show up whenever and you won’t miss anything.  Not, we have a very regimented schedule and this is going to be 5 hours long.  Maybe that’s just me.

However, it was an intriguing presentation.  I wasn’t aware of how to whole portfolio school thing worked, I thought I could go and just take some random classes and learn stuff.  Not the case. Now I know.

I wrote some notes in my planner because I couldn’t discuss some of the ridiculousness of what I was hearing.  I majored in English (you might not be able to tell) and the presenter was all like, “Students now are writing in text-speak…what do we do about this?” And then went on to explain that we have to adapt.  Um…give him an “F” and tell that student to write the paper over…duh…  Also, I hate it when people say, “We are living in the future” like that is such a revolutionary thought.  Dude, if it is happening right now, then it isn’t in the future.  It’s right now.  I know what you mean, you are trying to be all…all…prolific (I think that is the wrong word) and all, but you aren’t. You sound like an ass.

Dude.  This lady was totally yelling at me because I asked if there were students with full time jobs.  She said that they don’t allow their students to work more than 20 hours a week.  And I was all like, “Lady, I have to have a job.  And insurance.  What about people who have to have jobs?”  And she said that they have wonderful financial aid options and that I need to consider what I will be getting from their school.  “Starving?  Homeless?  I don’t think I would be a very productive homeless student.  Could I live here?”  She was not amused.

Lastly, there was a tent inside.  And we weren’t allowed to go in.  WTF?  If you are going to have a tent inside, you have to let people in!  What is the fun of even having the tent if people have to stand outside of it?!!  And, it had doors!!  This was not a very successful open house, and the students were a little huffy.  I will probably try to go there anyway, though.  Poor me.  ‘Tear’