When I was in 10th grade, I carried around this notebook and had a question of the day.  I asked my classmates the question and I got some quite interesting answers, with a smattering of insightful ones.  My plan was to turn this project into a book.  But, instead, I painted the cover of the book with glittery nail polish and pull it out when I need a laugh.  Today, I will share one of the questions and its answers with you.  Hopefully you will find it entertaining.

One of the more asinine questions I asked was: Why Do We Have Eyebrows? And, of course, I used different, colored markers for writing in the answers, like any good 15 year-old.

  • Matt #1–to keep the sweat from your forehead out of your face
  • Nathan–to give girls one more thing to worry about
  • Brittany–So we won’t look funny
  • Rayna–more hair  to remove
  • Luke–to shade your eyes from the sun
  • Ashley–So you know where to stop the eye shadow
  • Jennifer–to keep your head warm
  • Sean– (my fav) camouflage for hiding in the bush
  • Austin–for squinting

And there you have it and now you know…why, we have eyebrows.