I went to the suburbs yesterday for my third and final Thanksgivings and it was rather nice.

I encountered some interesting things in the suburbs.  First of all, a wide expanse of grass.  And people in little open motored vehicles.  And they were all dressed like the Scottish.  Hm…They also had sticks.

Later, I met a gnome.  He said that he knows the gnomes who live under my porch.  He also told me that I will not be able to lure them away with food or loud noises.  I asked if lions will work and he stopped talking to me.  Gnomes are weird.

Right after the gnome started ignoring me, I noticed this HUGE grasshopper!!  I was freaking out and hoping that it didn’t fly or jump at me.  It didn’t.  I thought about capturing it for posterity and proof of mutant species, but I was afraid to get too close.  It had beady eyes.

Thankfully, Justin and I made it safely back to the city.  It was close, between the mutant grasshopper and the evil gnome.  We are recovering from the experience and are greatful to be home.