I had to take pictures of a ton of chairs yesterday.  And now I have a lot of chair pics on my iPhone.  Thought I would share.  Enjoy.

This is the “wood and metal non-rolly chair”

“Ugly maroon non-rolly chair that everyone hates”

“Green rolly chair complete with stains”

“Ugly plastic green non rolly chair that should’ve been disassembled and thrown away several months ago”

“Broken blue rolly chair that holds up stuff”

“Pinkish gray rolly chair” Most of these are a little stained.

“Nice leather and metal non-rolly chair”

“Hideous black fabric and wooden chair that should’ve also been disassembled and thrown out months ago”

There are many more chairs that I could post, but I like my classification of these the best.  Inventorying chairs is a blast.

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