Conversation with Roomie this morning.  It was awesome.

Roomie: Oh my God!  The weirdest thing happened yesterday!!

Me: Really? What? (I was expecting a zombie attack or something)

Roomie:  We were driving around the West Side of town (she and her coworkers, she works for a non-profit environmental thingy) and it was totally deserted.  It was really weird.

Me: …Ok…(eyebrow raise)

Roomie:  And there was this car in front of us and he started going really slow, and we were all like, what is this guy doing?  And we were a little freaked out.

Me: Why didn’t you speed away? He could’ve been a rapist!

Roomie: He could’ve been…Well, then he slammed on the breaks and we were wondering what was going on.  Then, a flock of puppies ran from out of no where across the road and into the woods.  A flock of puppies.

Me:  Like, how many puppies?  They were just wild puppies, in a herd, running across the street?  That sounds pretty ridiculous.  Are you making this up?  Are you high? (I might not have actually said the last two things out loud because she might not finish the story because that would be mean.)

Roomie: Enough to make a flock!  They weren’t wild, they were Jack Russells or something.  But, they knew the terrain and they ran into their hiding place in the woods.

Me: I’m so glad you didn’t come home with a Jack Russell.

Roomie: I would’ve taken them to the humane society, but I might have kept one, just to make sure they are ok.

Me: Jack Russells are really annoying. They are on the annoying scale right below Chihuahuas.  And Chihuahuas are really annoying.

Emily: Yeah, but they were really cute.  They were really puppies and they were only, like, 3 months old.

And this is how I was greeted when I woke up this morning.