I am soooooooooo addicted to ebay!  It’s ridiculous.  I was at my friend’s house the other day for a girls’ night, and I was on my iPhone and she was all like, what are you doing?  And, I shamefully responded, I’m on ebay, and she told me she was going to take my phone away.

There is a freakin’ ebay app for the iPhone.  Seriously?  How am I supposed to get off of ebay if my damn phone is pinging me every 5 minutes, telling me something I am watching is about to end or that I just got outbid?  I have to win because I am a competitive ass because I need that sweater/dress/headband/tights/shirt.  I need it.  Also, if someone has set her highest bid above mine and it’s more than I want to pay, I have started just running up the price, dollar by dollar out of spite.  So she has to pay more.  What is wrong with me?

Dude, my grandmother told me about this ebay thing that comes in and bids for you in the last 30 seconds.  I want to share it with you, but what if you use it and we are bidding on the same thing and you outbid me because I told you about this program?  I have a problem.  It’s definitely a sickness.  I need help.