This company, Minichill, contacted me and asked me to review their product.  They told me that their product is a little shot to calm you down and help you focus.  Having panic disorder, I agreed (not to mention they sent it to me for free).  Anything to make me feel a little calmer is a wonderful thing.

So, after recovering from being sick for several days, I brought a Minichill to the office to test.  Big mistake.  First thing, the Minichill tastes really bad.  Like, so bad that you should close your nose and tilt your head back to get it to go down as fast as possible.  And, just in case you are wondering, washing it down with coffee is a horrible mistake.  Several minutes went by, THEN, a wave of nausea washed over me (actually, more smashed into me and knocked my bathing suit off).  I was so sick, I had to go home for the day and groan to myself on the couch.  Really pathetic.

I thought, “Maybe I was just sick.”  Perhaps, I hadn’t completely gotten over my sickness and the nausea was caused by that and maybe the Minichill just helped a little.  Much to Roomie’s chagrin, I tried another Minichill. Because I am a professional.

While I didn’t feel so naseous I thought I was going to die (like the first time) I did feel sick.  I had to lay in the bed for several hours on a Saturday, wasting precious weekend hours.  I wasn’t happy about it. Roomie laughed at my stupidity. (I wished I had heard the flock of puppies story at this point.)

My review is, unless you are a sick sadist and enjoy hurting yourself (I know that you are out there), do not buy this or drink it.  Ever.