A few days ago, I decided that I need a mustache necklace.  Why?  Why do I need a mustache necklace?  So I can do things like the girl in the picture.  I need to have a mustache handy to make a point…like, all the time.  (If you want your own mustache necklace, you can get it here)

I was telling Justin this, and he thought it was ridiculous.  A mustache necklace is never ridiculous.  Ever.  I suggested that he get a mustache tattoo.  Over his nipple.  He told me he didn’t think that was a good idea.  And, he barely even laughed.  WTF?  Then, I said I am going to get a mustache tattoo over my nipple.  Then we could have matching mustache tattoos over our nipples.  And it was going to be wonderful.  There was silence.  Justin told me he would break up with me if I get a mustache tattoo.  Especially if it is over my nipple.  I told him he doesn’t believe in true love.  Like me.  He is such a downer.