So, I saw The Fourth Kind a few weeks ago and it made me think.  They allude to alienspopulating the planet..with people.  I did this artistic rendering for you all…

T-Rex is in there so that you know about the dinosaurs being here before the aliens came and brought people.  Yes, you’re right, the flying saucer does look like a sombrero.  It was probably those devious aliens who brought on the iceage (nuclear power?  something we don’t even know about?) and killed the dinosaurs.  They probably made the crater in the Yucatan Peninsula to throw us off their trail.  Anyway, they came and killed the dinosaurs with lasers or something and populated the earth and that is how the pyramids were made.  Because the aliens had rulers.

Now you know where you came from.  You aren’t really American or Mexican or Chinese, you are alien. You’re welcome.