Santa came. I heard him at 4:30am. He is so loud! People are trying to sleep around here!

Christmas is over.  It’s always a kind of blah time.  Not looking forward to taking the tree down.  I feel good about leaving it up until next week.  It looks nice.

I just spent way too much money on take out food, cigarettes (they deliver) and coke.  Now I am having the “I could’ve bought an outfit with that money” blues.  ‘Sigh’

So, Justin got me an awesome camera for Christmas!!  Everyone’s like, that camera takes awesome pictures!  Don’t they understand it’s me who takes the awesome pictures?!  Goodness, the camera just enhances my talent.  Duh.

Chico was my only subject.  I have about 20 pictures that look just like this.  In 2 of them he is staring at me with murder in his eyes (ok, maybe not murder, and just annoyance.  Still)

Tomorrow, back to work!  And then New Year’s.  I am going to be in a good mood tomorrow.  I just know it.  I am going to wear my sparkle shoes.