I woke up this morning at 3:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I’m writing that post.

This year have been extremely weird.  For those who know me, I have been difficult this year and have had a somewhat difficult year.  See, it all works out.  Have a hard time, be a pain in the ass.

My whole life, I have been looking for a place to fit and this is the first time ever I feel like I do.  It’s a great feeling.  The support from my friends and from Twitter and blog friends has been amazing and incredibly enlightening.  I am so grateful for the people I have met on the internet this year, the community I feel apart of is wonderful and loving…it’s awesome!

I was telling a friend last night that it’s amazing what difference a year makes.  I can’t imagine being where I was on New Year’s Eve last year.  The person I was that night and the person who is sitting here typing this are different, yet I wouldn’t be here without her.  I have never felt so grateful or so content EVER, and it’s so unexpected!  I realized, finally, that life isn’t about hopping from one moment of happiness to another, it’s about being content and loving yourself and making healthy decisions.

So, the things I would like to change before 2011 (because New Year’s Resolutions are hard, but year goals are easier, for me anyway):

  • Quit smoking!!
  • Be less of a sass mouth
  • Take more personal risks
  • Be less judgmental
  • Be nicer

There are more, but these are the major ones.  And it’s 4 am and I’m getting distracted by Law & Order.  Thanks for everything!  I hearts you’s guys!