So, on Saturday I went to WordCamp Atlanta.  I got an email last week asking for volunteers and telling me I would be able to attend for free and, of course, loving “nerd conferences” as my friend Dave referred to it, I signed up.  (Dave also ended up being a speaker and unbeknownst to me, is a wordpress, social media guru)

I was a speaker Assistant/Runner, which really meant I got to go to the conference for free and just hang around because none of the speakers I was “assisting” even knew they had an assistant and none of them needed anything.  So, I got to listen to some awesome presentations.

Dude, I didn’t even know it’s possible to use WordPress for anything but a blog.  I knew of the possibilities of making a blog as awesomely tricked out, or as simple as you want.  And, if I had thought about it, it makes sense that someone could use the platform to create anything, but I have never thought about it.  To be frank, all the developer presentations were way over my head.  I took notes tho…and pretended to understand.  I secretly hope one day I will be able to do some of that stuff.  I guess it’s not a secret.  Forget that secretly stuff.

I did do a good bit of knitting.  Since this blog is called Knit in Public, I took a picture of the knitting.  Just so you guys remember that I do knit.  And I do it in public.  A lot.  Like last night.  At a restaurant.  And people were making fun of me.  And then I stabbed him with my knitting needle.

I made new friends!!  Here is one, Felicia.  I also met @iAlbert and @swfrost in person.  And, some people knew me from this blog (which was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life)!!

All in all, it was awesome and I met tons of great people and learned a lot.  I can’t wait to go to my next “nerd conference.”  I heard South by Southwest is where it’s at (I don’t condone using horrible grammar such as this in any way).

Dude, did you know people write multiple copies of blog posts…insane waste of time in my opinion.

Later on Saturday, I went to Cafe Istanbul and watched a belly dancer dance and other people smoke tobacco out of a hookah.  And, I used to opportunity to take the picture for the new header.  With my new awesometastic camera Justin got me for Christmas.  Weekend. Greatness.  O. Yeah.