The phrase of the weekend was definitely Bubble Up.  Which, is weird and not important and this post is almost 2 days late.  Maybe, because I thought I would have time last night or this morning and then I ended up having a really intense work day and barely had time to breathe.  The kind of day where you think about catching your desk on fire, just to be mean.  When I had shifts like that when I was in the restaurant biz I would sit out back and catch leaves on fire and little branches and stuff.  Or, I just wouldn’t talk to anyone for like 5 hours.  Because I have no people skills.  And I like fire when I get mad.

Bubble Up.  Dude…have you played the new Mario for Wii?  It’s awesome.  What’s so awesome about it?  Multi player is on the same screen.  So, if you’re an asshole (like me) you can pick up your fellow players and throw them at the bad guys like weapons.  (Justin keeps telling me you aren’t really using them as weapons because it does nothing to the bad guy and it only hurts the other player)  You can throw them off of ledges and stuff too.  Which I think is great.  But, Justin and Ray (his roomie) kind of banned me from playing with them.

There is this other thing where you can get into a bubble if you are playing multi player, like if you are about to die, and then just float along while the other person keeps going.  So, we were yelling “Bubble Up!!” at each other all weekend. (Well, they were yelling it all weekend, I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday night and they played without me Oh, I will seek my revenge, just you wait…muahahahahahahaha!!!!).

Note for the FCC:  No, Nintendo did not pay me to say this or give me anything free and anything like that.  So…you can put your fine somewhere inappropriate.