My desk at work is in front of the door.  To outside.  And, in case you have been living under a tree for the past week, the Eastern United States has had a ridiculous cold freeze.  And for us in Atlanta, that is 12 degrees.  (I know, Yankees, you power through 12 degree weather every day and all of your desks are outside in the snow and you go to the beach in this weather, but to us, that is insanely cold.)  I could see my breath all day, while sitting at my desk and if you follow me on Twitter, you know Chico and I have been huddled in front of the heater like nobody’s business.  Like, we are lucky we haven’t burst into flames close to the heater.

Everyone at my company smokes.  So the door is opening constantly and blowing really cold air on me.  And the lobby’s heater doesn’t work very well, so it’s cold without the door opening.  Also, everyone from upstairs has to walk through the lobby to come downstairs or to go to the main conference room.

Why am I telling you this?  I am telling you because every time someone walks through the lobby he or she says, “Brr…It’s cold in here,” and then he or she smiles at me.  Some of those people walk through the lobby like 30 times a day.  So, from one person, I get to hear about how cold it is in the office 30 times a day.  Multiple that by 62 and that is way too many cold comments.

Hey, you, yeah, the one that just smiled at me and fake shivered…I know it’s really cold in here!  I knew it the first 5 times you told me today!  And, I’m sitting in the cold.  Like, all day.  I can’t feel my mouth!!  Keep it to yourself.

And that is how I feel about that.  They are also talking about the cold with each other.  Constantly.  It reminds me of the voice bubbles on the sims.  Constantly talking about the same things.