I haven’t meant to wrap up the weekends, because I do a lot of napping and sitting around on my 2 free days, because I can.  But, the last several weekends have been rather exciting, so here is another one.

The NOT YOU show went well.  It was super fun and exciting to see my art on the wall next to other artists’ works.  I saw some friends and many new faces.  Thank you to Travis for putting the whole thing together!  I have stolen some pictures from him because when I was there, there were tons of people in the way.  So, I have put up photos of the festivities, enjoy!

And then we were off!

UPDATE:  I made this whole slide show on and uploaded it on Vimeo, which I have never used before.  It won’t embed, so if you want to see pics of the show, go here.  I’m working on it.