I got to spend the weekend with Chico’s brother, Scooter, the dog from hell.  The world’s worst dog world’s 2nd worst dog.  This is the first worst, notice the crazy eyes:

He's crazy. The one in the cheerleader outfit is really sweet.

So, yeah, Scooter gets dropped off and I’m, like, “This is going to suck.”  He bites, he pees every time someone touches him, this is when he allows himself to be touched, he refuses to gooutside…did I mention he bites?  He has little pointy knives for teeth.  And, the

Bella and Lucy

person I have plans with won’t answer the phone.  I actually had to call her because she wouldn’t respond to texts.

I called my friend, Emily, who has two very cute Chihuahuas and Chico likes them and they all tolerate play together.  Shockingly, she agreed to allow Scooter into her house.

Dude, he behaved!!  And, he even allowed Bella and Lucy (Emily’s pups) to sniff him.  It was glorious!  Then, Bella and Lucy got into a fight, with teeth!  It was awesome.  Only because, Scooter wasn’t being the worst dog in the room.  And he didn’t start the fight. (At the

He's always watching...and he bites.

dog park, the big dogs are obsessed with him and he cowers and tries to attack everyone and acts like Cujo and I feel like the parent with the kid who throws dirt and eats worms.)

Then we went home and he behaved some more.  He behaved almost all weekend, except when he tried to bite Roomie and then tried to bite me a bunch of times.  So, yeah.  Maybe he has moved to the 3rd or 4th worst dog ever.