You guys, I was a ridiculously adorable kid.  Like, really cute.  Last year, I scanned every baby and childhood picture of my brother, cousin and myself into my computer to make a photo book as a gift to my grandparents for Christmas.  So, now, I have hundreds of pictures of the three of us available at all times.  Seriously, there are hundreds. (I like to share particularly embarrassing ones of my brother on Facebook when I am feeling saucy.  Just to keep him in line.)

While I was drifting off to sleep (usually when I get my best blogging ideas) I thought of the following picture.  Since you were probably not quite as adorable as me when you were a kid, you will appreciate this.  But, we can make it into a game.  Which kid is me?

Think about this.  Already, you know I am the cutest one of all, but there is something else that differentiates me from the rest.


I hope you guessed right…

Notice how I look like I have been in a struggle.  They put the halo on my and I ripped it off.  Then they tried again, because, what kind of three-year-old doesn’t want to wear a halo?  Me, that’s who.  So, I ripped it off again.  And then, I told the lady that I already am a precious little angel and I don’t need a halo (my mom often called me her precious angel).  Even as a child, I was an asshole.  I started young.

Oh, and in case you thought that the halo debacle was a one time occurence: