After posting the cute pictures of little me in the last post, I started thinking about what I was like as a child.  I was really shy.  And pretty quiet.  And I read, all the time.  Like, I read so much that I got in trouble at school for reading during the lessons.  My teachers were always saying, “Windsor, I’m glad you’re reading, but please put the book down during math.” And then when I got home, my mom would say, “Windsor, I’m glad you’re reading, but please put the book down during dinner.”  I loved going to my grandparents house because my grandmother took me and my brother to the best bookstore ever and let us get a book and we were allowed to read through dinner.  Although my brother chose not to do so.

I was also weird.  And really creative.  I wrote stories and painted and drew.  I sat and drew for hours and hours.  A pile of paper and a box full of markers were my dream.  And, like I was saying, I was weird and quiet.  So, sitting alone was fine with me.

Oh yeah, and I can sing.  I had dreamed of singing in front of people for a long time.  In 5th grade, I was in chorus and there was an oppurtunity to try out for a solo in front of the whole school.  My parents found out I could sing because they heard me practicing in the shower.  They were amazed…because, you know I was so quiet.  They were even more amazed I was trying out for the solo.  Guess what?  I got it!

As a weird and quiet kid, I grew into an angry, sarcastic and crass teen.  With a major attitude…

Anyway, I have a point to all of this.  People think I am funny.  I think I’m pretty funny.  It’s so weird!  Because, when I was a kid and a teen, I was not funny at all.  If I wasn’t cussing at you as a teen, we were doing well.  When I look at my twitter lists and I see my name on lists like “hilarity” or “so funny” I’m like, “Crazy!” I never would’ve thought I of all people would grow up and be pretty funny.  And when people tell me my blog is hilarious and “I laughed out loud” it’s so awesome!

So, this isn’t supposed to be like, “My Childhood” or “OMG, I am like so awesome” but more, thank you to everyone who laughs at what I write and say and thinks I am funny.  And thank you to those of you who email or comment and tell me you laughed.  It makes me feel so good and so surprised.

You guys rock!