I don’t really have anything to say.  So, I’m posting before and after pics of my new haircut.

Old hair:

Sassy face

New Hair:


I have been a little worried that this haircut is too hip for me.  Since I got it cut.  But, after spending the whole weekend with it, I feel that it makes my frumpiness look cool.  Like, with my old hair, I just looked frumpy and with this new hair I look like I’m making a statement and like I’m really cool.  It’s awesome.

Also, the gloves from hell have been turned over to Al.  I documented with pics. Of course.  She said (quote): “I love them!”  I said, “Spill something on them and die.” Just kidding…I was totally thinking it though.

Isn't Al adorable in her new, awesome gloves?

The last time I ever want to see these:

Better pic of new hair

I would like comments today, people. It’s Monday, let’s work together.