zombie1A few days ago, I was walking around Atlanta, minding my own business, and suddenly all of these zombies came out of no where, like 200 zombies (!!), and they took over the streets.  They were trying to get into the cars on the road and eat the people’s brains and the people in the cars were just laughing.  Personally, I was afraid for my life.  They didn’t tried to eat my brains because I am so awesome…or maybe I smelled, not sure.   Anyway, I have video because I know that no one believes me.  Zombies taking over the streets has to be video taped.   And then, Justin and I followed them when it didn’t seem like they were going to eat our brains. One seemed a little interested in Justin’s brains, but I kicked him and broke his leg and he fell into the street and got hit by a car.  It would have been sad if he wasn’t already a brain eating zombie.zombie2

Not that I have ever seen zombies up close and personal before, but if I had, I am sure it wouldn’t have been this many zombies.  There were a bajillion, as I have illustrated to the left.

The weirdest thing was the leader zombie.  Apparently, there has been an underground group of docile zombie3zombies creating new zombies and locking the crazy ones in cages (so I assume) for months and that is how they got so many zombies.  The leader of these zombies kind of looks like the fish man from Creature from The Black Lagoon (is that what it’s called?)  He was scary, but I didn’t see him eat any brains. He was probably full from creating all of the crazy zombies and eating brains.

After running away and taking lots of pictures just in case I didn’t make it and my family needed closure, the zombies passed.  We didn’t get out brains eaten…phew, it was close there for a while.