People are constantly finding this site by searching for “can dogs get raped” or “I think my dog got raped” or some other awesome combination of dogs and raping.  I have proof.  See:

I know it's hard to believe, but I'm not lying about this!! Justin thinks the search makes it up.

And this person can’t even spell “can.”  Ridiculous.  I have decided to take this search into my own hands.  I never thought that dog raping was such a popular search topic, but it is.  I need to get in on this.

Wow.  I would assume I am number 2 only because this isn’t a subject that is searched much, but I know that’s just not true.  And in case you were distracted by all of the arrows I drew freehand (I am lefthanded…hard with the mouse, very hard), WTF is this?!!!

I don’t even have any words for this.  Bestiality really freaks me out.  Apparently, more than most people, because too many of the people I am around think it’s funny.  Maybe I need new friends.  And, why am I tempted to watch this?  Just to see?  Ew.  Just really, really ew.

On with the research.

According to Yahoo Answers, which is the only search option ahead of me (surprisingly makes me feel validated), dogs can’t get raped.  Because they only do it when they are in heat (or other dogs only want to do it with female dogs when they are in heat or something).  But, if a bigger dog has sex with a smaller female dog, then the smaller dog’s vagina can stretch to 6x it’s normal size.  Fascinating stuff.!!

Moving on, there is a wikianswers page called, “Is it possable to be raped by a dog?”  Is anything possable?  No.  The answer is no.  You know why?  Because possable isn’t a word.  ‘Sigh’  People can’t even ask stupid, pointless questions.    If you are going to pose a question to the powers that be, you need to spell it right.  Just sayin’.

Enough of that.  Also, did you notice that someone searched “unit circle knitting?”  So, in honor of searching for things that other people have searched for to find my blog, I searched it, thinking I may find some totally radom sweater pattern for the unit circle or something.  Nope.  I found myself.  Dude, this blog is totally number one of Google when you search for unit circle knitting!! Yes! We are number one!