We had little cheesecakes.

As you know, yesterday was Valentines Day and if you would believe it, I haven’t seriously celebrated it.  Ever.  (Other than my mom getting my red hots and passing out candies in grade school)  It was really nice.  I think I spent way too much energy hating and resisting Valentines Day for the past ten years.

Justin and I walked around my neighborhood, which we rarely ever do and that was really awesome.  We went to a bakery and got some valentines pastries.  I usually hate getting out and walking around and being active.  I’m lazy.  I’ll just say it.  I would much rather sit on my couch in front of the tv.  Like, sometimes, even though I have food to microwave, I would rather just be hungry than put in the effort to put the food in the microwave.  Yeah.  Forget cooking.  So, walking around the neighborhood was really nice.  I realized how close everything is.  There is a coffee shop just a 5 minute walk from my house!  And it’s great and it’s not Starbucks.  I really need to get out and walk around more.

We went to brunch and then sat around and I read and Justin watched TV.  It was a great low key day.

We went to PF Chang’s for dinner.  My favorite restaurant.  Seriously, if I could eat anywhere, I would want to eat there.  And, Justin even waited over an hour for a table.  For me.  It was soooo sweet.

Then we came home and watched (500) Days of Summer which was totally cute.

Did you do anything fun?  Or, maybe you don’t care and don’t celebrate?