My friend Taryn P rocks your face off.  You know why?  Because she thinks I’m really cool…I know, I’m surprised as well.  And, she is really confused and thinks I have great style.  I used to have great style, but then I just had to do this thing called, move out on my own and get a job and be responsible with money.  Totally sucked.  And I have gained a little weight.  And I feel a little fat.  So, my really awesome clothes that are size extra, extra small are hidden in the back of my closet with that sparkly Sailor Moon costume I’ve been hanging on to since 11th grade.

Anyways, Taryn P rocks.  And her husband has a grizzly beard.

Oh yeah.  She also thinks I’m really cool because I knit in public all the time.  She might be the only person I know in real life who thinks this is awesome.  Except my other knitting friends.