Wow, it’s been two weeks of feeling sub par.

Two weeks ago, I slept on my neck wrong and was in extreme pain for a week and then got a cold and was down and out with that for

And here is Chico being really cute and sweet when I woke up at 4am feeling like someone stabbed me in the back...literally.

several days.  Then, I re-injured the neck.  Oh Em Geeeeeee, I didn’t know that it was possible to hurt myself so badly by just sleeping wrong.  Excruciating.  So painful that the doctor gave me narcotic pain medication and muscle relaxers, so I don’t remember much of last week.  Besides the pain, last week was kind of fun.  I think that me and the doctor and the massage therapist and the chiropractor have almost gotten my neck and shoulder and arm and ribs back to 100%.  And I got to have a massage for the first time.  It was really painful, but I felt a lot better after!   Now, I have another cold or maybe it is the same one.  I don’t even know anymore, ‘sigh.’

Chico and I have been arguing over Twitter again.  That little asshole snuck out of the backyard and ran down the street yesterday.  I just kind of stood in the backyard, dumbfounded, and hoped he would pop out of the ivy or something.  That didn’t happen.  One of my neighbors brought him back.  The same neighbor who came to my house two years ago to let me know Aravis got attacked by a dog.  She didn’t recognize me at all.  She actually proceeded to tell me about a girl who used to live in my house who had two cats and one got attacked by a dog.  I was like, “Hello!!  That’s me!”  She doesn’t recognize me.  At all.  I know the haircut is different, but geez.

So, I am wishing you all a happy Monday.  I am hoping to have one.  I’m a little stressed right now, so I am thinking positively.  Today is going to be good, today is going to be good, today is going to be good…