I am still feeling sick, like, you know when you are sick and you feel high even though you haven’t taken any medication?  That is how I feel.  So, I took 3 advils and 3 tylenols just to make sure that everything is covered.

I am just going to post pictures from my iPhone.  I downloaded this awesome app called ShakeItPhoto and it makes your pictures look like polaroids, not just with the white edging, but the pic looks all polaroidy as well.  It’s rad.

Ring Pop aweseomeness.  I bought some to put in the candy bowl at work.

Knitting at Justin & my 1 year anniversary dinner on Saturday.  Since I don’t write about knitting all that often, I like to take pictures of me actually knitting in public so you guys don’t think I’m slacking.

Sitting in traffic while wearing Gucci sunglasses.  I’ve had these for over 3 years.  I can’t keep the drugstore sunglasses in hand for more than a month.

Chico sleeping in the car

One of my extremely painful nights from last week.  Chico was being really sweet and was playing with my yarn.  I was throwing it at him, he didn’t just steal it (like those cats I have…grr)

Same night.  Trying to distract myself from the pain at 4:30am.  It worked.

Being cool.