Wow.  I’m really glad it’s Friday, even thought this week has gone by really fast.  You know what?  I have realized lately that I am a morning person.  Even though I don’t want to be.  I wake up pretty early, even on the weekends.  I feel better in the morning.  I feel really positive about the day until about 11:30.  And if I haven’t been doing anything, I feel lazy after that.  The morning has all the possibility of a great and eventful, exciting day.  I love the feeling.

I am starting on a new knitting project.  I’m very excited.  Putting the Scrap Yarn Square Blanket Project on hold for a bit.  Maybe more than a bit.  I got a wonderful new book the other day, Sensual Knits. I wanted to make the jacket on the cover, love the puff sleeves, but I’m not sure about the belt and the buttons…Oh the buttons.  Horror.

Instead, I will be knitting this (pictured at right).  And, I’m making it too big so it won’t be so fitted and crazy.  I must admit, I’m a little worried.  While this does look really cool in the pictures, tons of cables can tend to look really insane in person.  Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.  Because, when you knit something, even if it looks like shit on, you just grin and wear it at least twice.  Once to get it out there and the second time to make sure it looks really bad before you chuck it or unwind it.  I started last night and this is how far I got after more than an hour:

You know why?  Tubular cast-on, which I have never done and it is completely insane and takes forever and then the first row was, like, cabling every other stitch?!  Who writes a pattern like that?!  Crazy people, that’s who.  Even so, I am pushing forward.

Wish me luck, friends.