I don’t think I am using facebook right.  I mean, you’re just supposed to read other people’s statuses, right?  And comment on them?  I don’t know how I am supposed to keep up with all of this status updating and pictures and all of that stuff.  I try.  And other people have tons of comments on their statuses.  Maybe mine is invisible?  I try to comment on others’ stuff.  I try to look at the pictures, but I just have more important things to do than stare at facebook all day.  Everyday.  Like, knit stuff.  There are occasions where I get sucked in for an hour or so.  But, I feel like facebook is just a tool to make me feel inadequate about my life.  I feel that way just fine without facebook’s help.  I feel like I am missing something with facebook.  Like, I haven’t found the magic key that is going to make me enjoy keeping up with it like most people I know.  ‘sigh’