It’s raining today.  Again.  And the doomsday winter weather people are claiming it’s going to snow again, but it’s currently 39 degrees and I just don’t think so.

I took a picture of Chico lounging in the lobby yesterday and he’s really hard to see.  So, I thought I wold make it a game.  Where is he?

He’s actually a lot easier to see here than on my phone.  I feel like he is screaming out his location.  But, maybe I’m wrong.

Asked someone if she could see him and she said no.  Maybe it’s not as obvious as I thought.  So, where is he?

Here is another picture a little closer up.

See him now?  He was basking in the sun.  Sitting at the bottom of the steps.  This is after he growled and barked at me all day.  He wanted me to take him outside to play.  I had a friend take him out, but he didn’t want that.  He wanted me to take him.  Adorable, if not really annoying.

UPDATED:  So, I take it back.  It’s only an hour later than the last post and it is snowing like no body’s business.  It looks really pretty.  And, apparently it’s sticking in other places.  I was so wrong.