This morning I was talking with my neighbor, discussing how I had planned to move and then didn’t.  Her cat, Cosmos, is best friends with Caspian and Aravis.  I know, cats are loners and they don’t have friends.  I thought this too, but the three of them are together all the time, they take naps together and Cosmos even snuck Aravis in through the cat door when his mom was out of town.  Even Roomie agrees about their friendship.

So, we were talking about the moving and I was saying how I was worried that Aravis and Caspian would miss Cosmos too much.  She said, “You can’t ever move!  The street wouldn’t be the same without–”  Here, I thought she was going to say me.  I am apparently living under the illusion that all of my neighbors know who I am and love me.  “–Caspian and Aravis.  The whole neighborhood wouldn’t be the same!” ‘sigh’