I was sent some shampoo and conditioner from the nice people over at Prive to test out.  You guys, this stuff is really awesome.  I reviewed TONS of hair products at my old blog and none of them had the foamy awesomeness of Prive.  The product comes in this aerosol can, which is lime green metal.   And then it foams out into my hand.  And while I’m rubbing it all over my hair I feel like when I was a little kid.  You know, when you got way too much shampoo in your hands and made little hair sculptures out of your hair because the bubbles were so cool.  Then your mom came in and told you to wash that crap out of  your hair and quit playing around?  It’s like that, but way better.  And, you only need a little.  I enjoy making hair sculptures, even though I don’t really have enough hair anymore.  But, my mom doesn’t live with me so she isn’t coming in and telling me to knock it off.  Which is nice.

Prive makes my hair feel light and fluffy, a little too light and fluffy for my taste, but I have fine hair and need it to sit down.  Weird story, some dude came up to me in the Sam’s Club parking lot and was all, “I like your hair” and I was all like, “Thanks?”  Maybe it was the shampoo and conditioner?