I don’t know if news sources outside of Georgia are talking about this, I might have heard a snippet on the Today show this morning, but I can’t remember.  Just in case, I want to alert you all to something absolutely atrocious.  Probably, there are a lot of Hustler subscribers reading this blog right now.

Last year, innocent, 24 year-old Meredith Emerson was killed while jogging or hiking or something.  And she was decapitated and a lot of horrible other things.  In some of the crime scene photos, Meredith’s body is naked and posed “suggestively” (whatever).  So, Hustler has decided that they want these nude photos.  And because they are public record (crime scene photos) they thought they could just ask and receive.  Well, Georgia is all like, hell no, bitches.  You can’t have these photos.  And Hustler is planning to sue the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on infringement of first amendment rights.  ‘sigh’

Not that I have ever looked at Hustler as a serious publication, but I thought they had a little class.  I will admit, I have never seen a copy of Hustler but I thought that they were just into sex photos and stuff.  I never imagined that this magazine (or any magazine really) would want to display a nude, dead body as a sexual image.  I mean, she is someone’s little girl.  Meredith Emerson is a person for God’s sake.

Right now there is a lot of legislation and lawyers and stuff around this horrible request.  Jill Chambers, a Georgia House Rep, is introducing legislation (which is very careful about not infringing on first amendment rights) to keep Hustler away from these photos.  If this has made you mad like it has me, please send Chambers an encouraging message or something.  Whatever.  I just hate the thought of a magazine sexualizing Meredith’s death.  You can contact Chambers here.

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