I had an interesting dream last night.  Wait!  Before you quit reading because you don’t want to hear about me interpreting my future because I had a vision of a unicorn in the sky and he told me my dead cat said to keep on keeping on, it’s nothing like that.  I promise.

I was hanging out with some friends (in the dream) and I noticed that none of them were shaving their legs (I probably had this dream because I might need to shave mine, but our shower head is clogged and the water comes out in a pathetic drip).  Curious, I asked one of them what the deal was and they were all like, “Oh, we’re not shaving because of the recession.”  Which made sense to me in the dream.  And I thought that was weird.  And is a really random and weird life like situation to dream about.  I do remember thinking these people are a little weird (again, in the dream) and that I might need to get new friends.  Just sayin’