I finally went to the knitting group at my favorite yarn store, Knitch!  It was awesome, I’m so glad I went.  I met a lot of really great knitters and people brought wine and food…it was just great!  I’ll definitely be back.  We had a lone needlepointer who was impressing all of us with her awesome needlepoint and her doctorly knowledge (she’s a doctor).  I left at 9pm, and I was ridiculed for being lame.  These knitters were giving me a hard time for leaving after being there for 2.5 hours and said it was too early.  Fantastic!  I love the knitterly spirit!

I managed to take one picture.  I meant to take more, but it didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

And then, shortly after this picture was taken, she moved to another table and it was sad. Frowny face.

Oh!  You know how, the other day, I said I wanted to get a bunch of non-green wearing co-workers to wear the badges I made?  Well, I got a least half of them to tape the badges to their shirts with pride.  It was amazing!

But.  There was one.  Who refused to wear it.  He says “declined.”  Whatever.  Then we had an intense conversation about arguing for something you claimed to be right about.  And how you should argue for it, even if  you realize you’re wrong.  Because you have to take a stand and let people know that you’re passionate, and more importantly, a control freak who always needs to be right.  My kind of person.  And then I brought up how I felt like the whole badge wearing refusal was his way of arguing for something he knew he was wrong about, but he was just making a stand and even though all of the cool kids were wearing them, he just had to be different.  He kindly (more or less) disagreed.  But then, he made me a badge.  And I wore it proudly (to, you know, prove I was right).  It’s pretty awesome here.