Interesting thing.  Lately, I have found myself in good moods most of the time.  Justin may disagree, but for the most part, I feel pretty positive about things.  And this has been reflected in my moods.  Which is interesting.  I have never (ever, ever) been a positive person and good moods were usually few and far between.  I really felt like that dude from Office Space who asked the doctor to hypnotize him so he didn’t know he was a work.  But, I felt like this about everything.  Work, after work, life in general.  Who knew I have the capacity to feel positive and, dare I say it, happy most of the time.  Who knew I had it in me to look for the positive in things and not always assume the negative in every situation?  I’m just as shocked as anyone who may be outside looking in.  It’s awesome.

P.S. Earl Grey tea is the best thing ever.