I was going to write this post about the fact that our society seems to treat women who don’t want children like freaks of nature.  Even though I don’t feel this way, I still get a little jolt of “there must be something wrong with her” whenever someone tells me she doesn’t want to be a mommy.  I’ve been brainwashed into assuming every person on the planet with a vagina wants to procreate.  The ones who chose not to have children are the smart ones.  How many women out there are having kids when they know in their hearts it’s not what they really want?  And the kids are the ones having to suffer.  I was going to write about how these women choosing not to have children are the unsung heros.  They know they don’t want to have kids and they aren’t allowing society to peer pressure them into it.

Instead of all of that, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of myself and post them up here. Enjoy.